About me

I am Mariano Molina, and I like science.

I am 27 years old. I was born in Santiago, Veraguas, Panama, where I did a bachelor’s in medical technology.

My bachelor’s research was about respiratory viruses, and later on, I obtained a scholarship to study a master’s program abroad from SENACYT. I also worked for almost two years in Cordon de Vida and nearly one year in Gastrolab, Panama City, Panama.

I moved to Nijmegen, The Netherlands, in August 2019, where I started a master’s program in microbiology at Radboud University. During my master’s studies, I completed research internships in the USA, The Netherlands, and Canada.

I am currently completing my Ph.D. studies at Radboud University Medical Center while simultaneously working as a technician researching HIV biotherapies at the Amsterdam University Medical Center, The Netherlands.